Saturday, January 2, 2010

blue cab countdown celebration.... :)

i really had nice, simple and peaceful countdown celebration inside the blue cab yesterday..... actually, uncle is the first one who greeted me a "Happy New Year" then i was shocked and look at the window and i saw the Marina's fireworks.. then suddenly i told to uncle... 'happy new year, uncle..."

hehehhe, i had a great conversation with him that's why we never noticed that we passed by already the place i want to drop on..end up he dropped me somewhere in east coast and i walked for about 30 minutes just to reached the fucking place of "the beach hut", but i was so happy when i reached the place i saw my gorgeous friend namely Ate Anna, Sunshine, Ate Irene, Bjorn, Roni and *Pogi ako* i forgot his name... hehhehehe,..

it was really simple dinner but meaningful...

OMG, i lost my cigarettes yesterday at the restaurant,.... hmmmm, maybe it is the sign for me to STOP SMOKING... hehehhe....

once again, Happy New Year and ahve a blessed year of the tiger.... :)

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